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Navigating through an extensive array of IT roles, we assist adept IT professionals in discovering exciting opportunities and demanding positions. Embark on a journey to secure your ideal job today.

IT Positions

In the quest for your next career milestone in IT? Whether you're eyeing a permanent role, seeking freelance opportunities, or exploring secondment positions, your search ends with ITNU. Say goodbye to the endless scrolling through job listings and embrace a tailored approach to your job hunt.

We are your gateway to a plethora of opportunities in IT Development and Testing, each curated to align with your skills, aspirations, and personality. Our mission is to transform your job search into a journey of discovery, where each opportunity unveiled is a step closer to your ideal role.

Why navigate the complex terrain of job hunting alone when you can have ITNU by your side? Let’s connect, explore, and unlock doors to employers who value and seek your expertise. Or take a moment to browse through our current open positions, each a pathway to a world where your skills meet opportunity, innovation, and growth.


How We Help

At ITNU, we believe in the power of understanding. Our journey with you begins with an intimate conversation, not just to explore your professional expertise but to delve into your aspirations, desires, and what ignites your passion in the IT field. We are not just interested in where you’ve been, but more importantly, where you want to go.

Our approach is rooted in the conviction that every professional is unique, and as such, deserves opportunities that are tailored to their individual goals, skills, and personality. We don’t just match CVs to job descriptions; we align dreams, ambitions, and potentials to opportunities that transform careers and lives.

With a deep-rooted understanding of the IT landscape, we are not just recruiters but are your allies, navigating the intricate world of IT opportunities to bring you face to face with roles that don’t just meet your skills but fulfill your aspirations. At ITNU, every introduction is a step towards a future where your professional journey and personal growth converge, creating a narrative of success, fulfillment, and innovation.

Personal and effective


We are the bridge that connects talented IT professionals to innovative organizations. Whether you're seeking a permanent position or exploring freelance opportunities, ITNU is your partner in transforming aspirations into realities. Our approach is rooted in open and transparent communication, ensuring that every step of your job search is informed, strategic, and tailored to your unique needs.

We believe in collaboration. Before introducing you to potential employers, we engage in detailed conversations to explore and understand your aspirations, skills, and preferences. Every opportunity we present is aligned with your career goals, ensuring that each introduction is a step towards your dream job.

Our support extends beyond introductions. We walk with you through every phase of the recruitment process, offering insights, guidance, and assistance in negotiations to ensure that your transition into your new role is seamless and rewarding.

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